Discover your modern home.

We’re changing the way the Southeast says home.

High-tech business centers. Complimentary Starbucks. Universal Wi-Fi. Stunning interiors. Unbeatable locations. Extraordinary staff.

These are just a few of the myriad characteristics that distinguish Ardmore communities. We’ve meticulously dissected and reconstructed the apartment experience to maximize the comfort, convenience and joy of our residents.

Whether you’re on the gorgeous coast of Hilton Head, in the rolling Appalachian foothills of Greenville, or in one of North Carolina’s bustling metropolises, there’s an Ardmore community ready to change the way you say home.

Ardmore Testimonial

I’ve been living at Ardmore Pointe for about three years. The new management they have in the office is phenomenal and they really know how to deal with all of the residents in the apartment complex, kudos to them.

Gustavo Martinez

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